National Launch of Vital Signs 2014 – The State of Safety and Quality in Australian Health Care

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Professor Villis Marshall, Chair of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, today released Vital Signs 2014: The State of Safety and Quality in Australian Health Care.

Vital Signs 2014 provides an overview of a series of key topics in relation to the safety and quality of Australia’s health care system.

Professor Marshall said “Vital Signs 2014 is structured around three important questions that members of the public may ask about their health care. Will my care be safe? Will I get the right care? Will I be a partner in my care?”

Each question is considered in its own section using examples of key health issues in Australia, such as healthcare associated infections, dementia and delirium, and health literacy. These sections are followed by two case studies, which focus on the quality of care in some important clinical areas. These case studies present a detailed description and analysis of key quality issues that affect outcomes for patients.

“This report on the state of safety and quality in Australia is focused on the key concerns for the users of our health care system. It reflects the Commission’s core focus of putting consumers of health at the centre of the system” said Professor Marshall.

The Commission is a government agency that leads and coordinates national improvements in safety and quality in health care across Australia. The Commission aims to support health care professionals, organisations and policy makers who work with patients and carers.

One of the Commission’s core functions is to report on the state of safety and quality of the Australian health system. This helps people to understand the health system, what the system is doing to improve safety and quality and how successful these efforts are. Focus on these areas can also help to bring about change and improvement in experiences and outcomes for patients.

Vital Signs 2014 is the second in a series of reports about the state of safety and quality in Australia.

Download Vital Signs 2014 from the Commission’s web site