Active Ingredient Prescribing Issues Register

The Active ingredient prescribing issues register lists medicines considered for inclusion/exclusion to the List of Medicines for Brand Consideration (LMBC) and the List of Excluded Medicinal Items (LEMI). 

This document was last updated by the Commission in December 2022. From 1 January 2023, the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care is managing the curation of Active ingredient prescribing resources. From this date, please direct all AIP enquiries to

issues register december 2022


Active Ingredient Prescribing Issues Register

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The Commission was advised by medication safety experts, who formed the Active ingredient prescribing advisory group (AIPAG). The AIPAG reviewed medicines against the principles for inclusion/exclusion to the LMBC and LEMI, as set out in the Active Ingredient Prescribing User Guide. The recommendations and actions from the AIPAG have been recorded in the Active ingredient prescribing issues register. 

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