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Publication, report or update

This consultation paper has been prepared as the first phase of a program of work to develop a national approach to support improvements in patient safety and quality in primary care. This paper provides an overview of the current patient safety and quality improvement environment in primary care.

Publication, report or update

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care reports annually on the state of healthcare safety and quality in Australia.

The Windows into Safety and Quality in Health Care 2008 provides windows onto a range of safety and quality issues. It offers safety and quality insights in a number of settings and from various perspectives.

Chapters in this report include:

  • Healthcare Rights: Will patients’ rights be respected?
  • Patient Identification: Will patients be correctly identified?
  • Medication Safety: Will adverse drug events be reduced?
  • Handover: How is patient care transferred safely?
  • Healthcare Associated Infections: Can healthcare associated infections be prevented?
  • Open Disclosure: Will patients be told about things that go wrong in their health care?
  • Accreditation: What does accreditation of a health service mean for patient care?
  • Sentinel Event Reporting: What role can reporting serious adverse events play in improving the safety and quality of health care?
  • Information Strategy: What else do we need to know about the safety and quality of patient care?

This resource is a Powerpoint presentation template to explain the end-of-life care survey to staff.

Audit, monitoring or reporting tool
Guide, user guide or guidelines

These guidelines are intended for those developing, assessing, procuring and implementing IT systems for medication management and electronic prescribing to:

• Understand how design contributes to patient safety

• Apply the recommendations during software development and iteration

• Evaluate systems during procurement

Publication, report or update

This project investigates the current use and potential benefits of technological solutions to patient misidentification in the Australian healthcare setting and its application to safety and quality to the Commission.