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Audit, monitoring or reporting tool

The electronic tool is designed to measure use of the pre-printed NIMC VTE prophylaxis section safety elements. It can be used to collect pre-implementation and post-implementation audit data, and report on audit data.

The User Guide has been developed to provide information on how to conduct an audit of the NIMC VTE prophylaxis section, and how to use the Excel audit and reporting tool. 

Guide, user guide or guidelines

Guide, user guide or guidelines

This guide has been designed to help you when things don’t go to plan in your health care. It will also be useful if something hasn’t gone to plan in the care of a relative, friend, or someone you care for.

This guide talks about health services (including hospitals) and doctors and nurses, but also covers health care provided in other health facilities and by other healthcare providers.

Fact sheet or brochure

This step-by-step brochure has been developed to assist staff with using the VTE prophylaxis section of the NIMC. 

Template, survey or form

This survey aims to provide acute care facilities with a tool for evaluating staff perceptions of the rapid response system.

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