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Guide, user guide or guidelines

The purpose of this guide is to provide practical guidance for managers and practitioners responsible for credentialing, and for determining and managing, a health practitioner’s scope of clinical practice. This is an ancillary guide only. It does not replace or supersede state, territory or organisational policies on credentialing.

Guide, user guide or guidelines

The purpose of this user guide is to provide an overview of the key concepts and issues that should be addressed when measuring and evaluating consumer partnerships, and to inform the development of evaluation and monitoring plans for the Partnering with Consumers Standard.

Guide, user guide or guidelines

Using a risk management approach will provide health service organisations with a framework to assess and address risks identified in the organisation.

Guide, user guide or guidelines

This User Guide supports health services to implement Action 1.28 of the NSQHS Standards. It explains how health services and their clinicians can use data to improve the appropriateness of clinical care.

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Effective communication with your healthcare provider is essential to ensuring that the care you receive is safe, of a high-quality, and centred around you.