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Publication, report or update

The Consensus Statement describes 10 essential elements for the provision of end-of-life care in settings where acute care is provided.

Publication, report or update

The Consensus Statement describes eight essential elements for prompt and reliable recognition of, and response to, physiological deterioration of patients in acute healthcare facilities in Australia.

Publication, report or update

The purpose of this background paper was to present a précis of the policy and clinical framework for end-of-life care within the Australian acute healthcare setting and as interpreted by consumers, clinicians and policy makers in 2013.

Publication, report or update

This report details the process of testing the tools that helped form the end-of-life care audit toolkit.

Publication, report or update

Updated review of peer-reviewed and grey literature on mental state deterioration published since the completion of Recognising Signs of Deterioration in a Person's Mental State: Final Report.