Publications and resources

The Commission has an extensive library of resources - from medication charts and labels, fact sheets and user guides, to consensus statements and comprehensive reports.

We've organised our resources by topic and resource type. Use the search box below to start your search and then apply filters to find what you need.

Resource portals

  • Communicating for Safety

    This resource portal provides resources, tools and guidance on the strategies and skills needed to support effective communication.

  • Clinical handover

    This implementation toolkit brings together project management tools and resources to assist with clinical handover improvement.

Some of our popular publications and resources

  • NSQHS Standards resources

    The Commission has a range of resources to help you understand and implement the NSQHS Standards.

  • Medication charts

    Medication charts help to standardise medication management and can increase medication safety.

  • Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

    The charter describe what you should expect, and how you should expect to be treated when receiving health care.

  • Top Tips for Safe Health Care

    This booklet is designed to help consumers, their families, carers and other support people get the most out of their health care.

  • Third Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation

    The Atlas series explores the extent to which healthcare use in Australia varies depending on where people live.

  • AURA 2019

    A comprehensiveness picture of antimicrobial resistance and use and prescribing in Australian hospitals, aged care facilities and the community.

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