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National Consultation on the draft Peripheral Venous Access Clinical Care Standard

In collaboration with consumers, clinicians, researchers and health organisations, the Commission has developed a draft Peripheral Venous Access Clinical Care Standard.

What are clinical care standards?

A clinical care standard plays an important role in guiding the delivery of appropriate care. They contain a small number of statements describing the care that a patient should be offered for a specific clinical condition, regardless of where they are treated in Australia.

To help health care providers and local health service organisations monitor how well they implement the care described in the clinical care standard, a set of indicators are included. The final set of indicators will be accompanied by specifications to support consistent data collection.

Consultation materials

The following materials are available for public consultation:

The Commission welcomes comments on these documents.

Consultation questions

For all respondents:

  • For each of the quality statements, does the quality statement adequately describe the quality of care that should be provided to patients requiring peripheral venous access?
    • How do you think the quality statement could be improved?  Please provide evidence to support your response.

For consumers responding to the survey:

  • Have you experienced any issues with peripheral intravenous access that are not covered by this clinical care standard AND should be included?

For health services and clinicians responding to the survey:

  • The quality statements target areas of care, which could benefit from quality improvement. Are there additional aspects of care missing from the quality statements that should be included? 
    • If yes, please describe. Please provide evidence to support your response
  • Are the proposed indicators useful for monitoring the care described in this quality statement?
    • How do you think the indicators could be improved?  Please provide evidence to support your response. 
  • What would be the implications of implementing this clinical care standard for:
    • Your practice?
    • Your health service organisation?

For all respondents:

  • Do you have any other comments that you would like to make about this clinical care standard?

Submitting your response

Comments can be provided via online survey or by written submission. The consultation period will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, 15 September 2019.

Written submissions should address the consultation questions. Your response should be marked 'Peripheral Venous Access Clinical Care Standard Public Consultation' and can be sent by email to or by post to:

           Peripheral Venous Access Clinical Care Standard Public Consultation 
           Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
           GPO Box 5480
           SYDNEY NSW 2001

Outcome of consultation

Following public consultation, the Commission will review all comments and use this analysis to finalise the draft clinical care standard.

A consultation report summarising the findings of this survey may potentially be published on the Commission’s website.  The details of responding organisations and responses verbatim would be published in this report; however, no individual personal information will be reported. Please refer to the Commission’s privacy policy for further information.

Further information

If you have any questions or require further information about the draft Peripheral Venous Access Clinical Care Standard, please contact: