Clinical Care Standards Advisory Committee

The Commission has established a Clinical Care Standards Advisory Committee to help ensure that the Clinical Care Standards are appropriate and implemented in the Australian healthcare system.

Roles of the Committee

  • Provide advice and input on the Commission’s Clinical Care Standards program.
  • Inform the Commission of relevant research, programs, activities, policies or other developments that may be relevant to the Clinical Care Standards program.
  • Provide advice on the development and implementation processes to support the Clinical Care Standards.
  • assist the Commission to communicate with relevant groups during the development and implementation of the Clinical Care Standards.
  • Provide advice on the best ways to present and disseminate information on the Clinical Care Standards.
  • Facilitate communication with the clinical community, and consumer groups.

Committee Membership

Membership of the committee include representations from public and private organisations including clinical experts and consumers.

Disclosure of Interests

All committee members are required to disclose financial, personal and professional interests that could, or could be perceived to influence a decision made, or advice given to the Commission. Disclosures are updated prior to each meeting and managed in line with the Commission’s Policy on Disclosure of Interests.