Guide for Primary and Community Healthcare Standards

The Commission is developing the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards Guide for Healthcare Services (the Guide) to provide support for healthcare services implementing the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards (Primary and Community Healthcare Standards).

Submit your feedback

The Commission is seeking your feedback on the draft content for the Guide.

You are invited to provide feedback on any, or all, of the following areas:

Language How could we improve the language and terminology used in the resource to make it more appropriate and applicable to the context of your healthcare service?
Usability How could we make the content in this resource more applicable and easier to use, to help users implement the Primary and Community Healthcare Standards. Please provide any suggestions about changes to the length, layout, and level of detail of the content.
Clarification Does any of the content in this resource require further clarification or rewording? Please provide any suggestions for these changes.
Gaps and duplication Are there any gaps in the content and how should these be addressed? Is there any unnecessarily duplicated content that could be removed?
Additional resources Are there any additional resources that might be helpful to include under ‘Where to go for more information’ sections?
Other feedback Please provide any other feedback you have on this resource.

When providing feedback, please reference the specific section, item and/or action and page number.

Public consultation will close on 28 February 2023.

You can submit your feedback via our online survey.

Alternatively, respond to the website polling questions or send your feedback by email to