Recognising and responding to deterioration

Serious adverse events such as unexpected death and cardiac arrest are often preceded by observable physiological and clinical abnormalities. Other serious events such as suicide or aggression are are also often preceded by observed or reported changes in a person's behaviours or mood that can indicate a deterioration in their mental state. 

Implementation Guide for the National Consensus Statement on clinical deterioration

This guide was released in 2012 to support implementation of the National Consensus Statement: Essential elements for recognising and responding to clinical deterioration. The Consensus Statement was updated in 2016.

The tools and resources can still be used by health service providers to identify strategies for successfully implementing robust recognition and response systems to address acute physiological deterioration.

Observation and response charts

Monitoring and documenting physiological observations is a key component of recognition and response systems. An observation and response chart is a document that allows the recording of patient observations, and specifies the actions to be taken in response to deterioration from the norm.