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The Commission has a strong commitment to promote, support and encourage safety and quality in the provision of mental health services.  In 2011, the Mental Health Team was established to ensure a greater integrated focus across existing Commission programs.

The mental health team works with colleagues across the range of Commission programs including: National Standards and Accreditation,  Recognition and Response to Clinical Deterioration, and Medication Safety.

Key initiatives the mental health team are involved in include:

National Standards and Accreditation in Mental Health Services

The Commission has developed an Accreditation Workbook for Mental Health Services which maps the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards with the National Standards for Mental Health Services.

The Commission has undertaken a Scoping Study in collaboration with the National Mental Health Commission on the implementation of both the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and the National Standards for Mental Health Services.

Recognition and response to clinical deterioration

The Commission recently published a Scoping Review on recognising and responding to deterioration in mental state, and is undertaking work to develop resources to support services in this work.

The Commission has also produced resources to support mental health services in recognising and responding to physiological deterioration in acute mental health settings.

Medication Safety in Mental Health

The Medication Safety Program has undertaken work to improve medication safety in mental health services. This includes tools and resources to support use of the National Inpatient Medication Chart.

The Commission also engaged the NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group to revise the Indicators for Quality Use of Medicines in Australian Hospitals 2007 (2007 QUM indicator set) and develop new indicators for mental health and continuity of care.

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