Escalation Mapping Template

The Escalation Mapping Template (EMT) will help to determine which processes for recognising and responding to deterioration in a person’s mental state are working effectively, and identify if there are any problems and/or gaps in current processes.

What is the EMT?

The Escalation Mapping Template (EMT) is a quality improvement tool which can be used to assess the effectiveness of health service providers’ systems for recognising and responding to deterioration in a person’s mental state. The EMT supports services to map their local processes to the systemic recognition and response model,  and to evaluate the effectiveness of their processes.

The EMT will also support services to implement actions in the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, by helping to review what is working in the local context, and what might be improved.

The EMT contains links to tools and resources currently used in clinical practice in health settings across Australia.

Access the EMT

Access the online version of the Escalation Mapping Template (EMT) at the URL below:

It is recommended that users have access to the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Download the Excel version of the EMT:

Audit, monitoring or reporting tool

What the EMT does

The EMT is an online web-based application, with an in-built tutorial and consists of three sections. The first section provides guidance about setting up the team that will participate in the escalation mapping process, defining the local scope and planning a communication strategy.

The second section comprises ten modules that guide the mapping of different aspects of the escalation process. The modules include links to resources currently used in clinical practice. They also link to actions in the NSQHS Standards.

The third section is a current status report. This is automatically populated as the earlier modules are completed and provides a snapshot of current processes.

What the EMT does not do

The EMT provides a template for mapping processes. It is not a tool for clinicians to use to monitor a person’s mental state.

There currently is no evidence-based tool that is able to monitor and recognise a person's mental deterioration. The Commission continues to monitor work in this area and will provide updated information should a tool become available.


If you have any feedback or enquires about the EMT, please email: