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Psychotropics CCS Campaign

This communications kit supports the launch of the national Psychotropic Medicines in Cognitive Disability or Impairment Clinical Care Standard on 9 May 2024.

Please show your support for the clinical care standard by downloading and sharing the content on your website, social networks or within your health service organisation.

You can use these resources to raise awareness about the new standard and best practice care for the use of psychotropic medicines in people with cognitive disability or impairment, particularly when managing behaviours of concern.

For more information on the Psychotropic Medicines Clinical Care Standard visit or contact

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Suggested messaging

Below are some suggestions for messages you could copy and paste, to use in your social media, newsletters and other communications.

  • Message 1

    [Insert organisation name] supports the release of the new #PsychotropicMedsCCS by the @ACSQHC. Non-medication strategies must be the primary method for preventing and addressing behaviours of concern.

  • Message 2

    Australia’s first national #PsychotropicMedsCCS from @ACSQHC support the rights and health of people with cognitive disability or impairment.

    Learn more at

  • Message 3

    The @ACSQHC #PsychotropicMedsCCS aims to reduce the inappropriate use of psychotropic medicines in people with cognitive disability or impairment.

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