Cognitive impairment resources



The Commission has developed new cognitive impairment resources to:

  • Provide information for health service organisations to help them improve the quality of care and health outcomes for people with cognitive impairment or at risk of delirium
  • Support implementation of the NSQHS Standards (second edition)
  • Augment existing resources, such as the NSQHS Standards Guide for hospitals, and should be read in conjunction with these
  • Provide links to further resources and examples of approaches to delivering health care to people with cognitive impairment or at risk of delirium

These new resources are:

There are a range of additional cognitive impairment resources available on the Commission's Caring for cognitive impairment campaign website.


In 2014, the Commission developed three resources, A better way to care: Safe and high quality for patients with cognitive impairment (dementia and delirium) Actions for health service managers, clinicians and consumers.

These original resources have been revised to align with the second edition of the NSQHS Standards, as listed above.