Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme electronic Chemotherapy Medication Chart project

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme electronic Chemotherapy Medication Chart (PBS eCMC) project has provided recommendations on the minimum information requirements for inclusion on a PBS eCMC.


The Australian Government Department of Health (the Department) engaged the Commission to develop minimum information requirements for a PBS eCMC to support safe prescribing, administration, dispensing and claiming of PBS and non-PBS chemotherapy medicines.

Once legislated, these information requirements will support a standardised approach to the way electronic information is made available to support safe electronic prescribing, dispensing, PBS claiming and administration of chemotherapy and anticancer related medicines in hospitals, for children and adults.

The PBS eCMC project is the first phase of a multi-phase project by the Department to support electronic prescribing of chemotherapy medicines in hospitals and other defined care settings.

This work will inform phase 2 of the simplified prescribing arrangements that have been developed to support supply of chemotherapy and supportive medicines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Project stages

The PBS eCMC project was managed through a number of specific project stages. Each stage was supported by the Electronic Chemotherapy Medication Chart Expert Advisory Group (EAG). 

Project stages included:

  • A national survey to understand how oncology systems currently support chemotherapy medication management workflows
  • literature review and environmental scan provided clarity around the key safety and quality issues shaping contemporary chemotherapy medication management in Australian hospitals
  • Iterative consultations with peak bodies and key stakeholder groups to ensure the utility of the final PBS eCMC recommendations.

The proposed PBS eCMC 

The proposed PBS eCMC information requirements have been provided to the Department to inform phase 2 of the simplified prescribing arrangements.

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