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Digital health programs such as electronic medication management (EMM) can improve the safety and quality of health care.

EMM can apply to:

  • Prescribing systems, such as general practitioner desktop systems or hospital clinical information systems that have electronic ordering
  • Decision support systems, such as evidence-based order sets, allergy checking and medicine interactions
  • Dispensing systems, such as pharmacy software and automated dispensing systems
  • Ordering and supply solutions, such as the electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP) and inventory solutions
  • Electronic medical records in the acute and primary care sectors.

By using EMM, healthcare services can reduce the number of preventable adverse medication events, and medication prescribing and dispensing errors. EMM systems can improve the accuracy, visibility and legibility of medical information, so that the communication between professionals and consumers is clearer.

The Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) endorsed the Commission’s revised:

AHMAC also agreed to recommend the incorporation of the revised documents into planning for and, where appropriate, implementation of EMM and other clinical information systems in public health services.


Approaches to investigating health IT-related patient safety incidents