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High risk medicines resources

This page provides a reference table of medication safety alerts, notices and guidance issued by the Australian states and territories and by international organisations using the APINCHS classification. There could be other more recent alerts, advice and guidance related to other medicines or practice areas which may be relevant to you or your organisation.

New resources

National Anticoagulant Incident Analysis Report 2021
Publication, report or update

This report describes and quantifies incidents that have involved anticoagulants. Incidents have been captured from healthcare settings (primarily hospitals) in states and territories across Australia.

Using this table of resources

To encourage practice monitoring and improvement, each high risk medicine and system is mapped to tools validated in Australia, including Medication Safety Self Assessment for Australian Hospitals 2015 and National Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) Indicators in Australian Hospitals 2014.

High risk medicines safety alerts, notices and other guidance

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