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Specialised medicine charts

Some medicines – such as clozapine and subcutaneous insulin – require specialised chart features.

Clozapine titration chart

The clozapine titration chart records the prescribing, monitoring and administration of clozapine titration.

When clozapine is used for maintenance treatment, use the National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) Acute or NIMC Long stay.

Psychiatric acute services identified issues with ordering and recording titrating clozapine doses on the NIMC. This presented a barrier to effective, standardised use of the NIMC. The NIMC and Psychiatric Acute Services Survey Report (PDF 780 KB) recommended that a national adult clozapine titration chart be developed to help acute services manage clozapine titration.

The clozapine titration chart is based on the chart developed by Queensland Health, with some changes. The Queensland chart has been implemented in public hospitals across the state, but the Commission had not piloted or tested the national chart.

The Commission asks that health services that use the clozapine titration chart provide feedback on it by contacting their jurisdictional representative or emailing the Commission.

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