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The national inpatient medication chart (NIMC) and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme hospital medication chart (PBS HMC) are standardised nationally.

The NIMC was endorsed for use in Australian hospitals by health ministers in 2007. The NIMC suite of medication charts present and communicate medication information consistently between healthcare professionals.

NIMC development and background

The Australian Government Minister for Health launched the PBS HMC in 2016. The PBS HMC allows prescribing, administration, claiming and supply of PBS and non-PBS medicines directly from the chart, without the need for a separate paper prescription.

PBS HMC development and background

The Commission has also developed the following:

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis section of hospital medication charts development and background

Clozapine titration chart development and background

National residential medication chart (NRMC) development and background