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Medical reconciliation – resources for obtaining a best possible medication history

Obtaining a best possible medication history (BPMH) is an important first step in medication reconciliation.

How to take a BPMH – resources and tools

Get It Right! Taking a Best Possible Medication History online learning module, available from NPS MedicineWise, guides clinicians on how to obtain and record an accurate and complete history of the medicines taken by patients at home. The module explains:

  • How the history can be obtained and documented
  • Why at least two sources of information are used to obtain the BPMH
  • How medication history-taking techniques can influence the accuracy of the history obtained.

The module is designed for junior medical officers, nursing and pharmacy staff, and includes a short role-play scenario.

Videos are available from the NPS MedicineWise website and the Commission’s YouTube channel.

Limited DVD copies are also available for organisations who are unable to access the tool online. To request a DVD, please email the Commission at

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