National Medication Management Plan

The National Medication Management Plan (NMMP) is a standardised medication reconciliation form used at hospital admission.

Use of the National Medication Management Plan (NMMP)

The NMMP is used to:

  • allow standardised recording of the medicines taken before presentation at the hospital
  • reconcile patients’ medicines on admission, during intrahospital transfer and at discharge
  • improve the accuracy of information recorded by clinicians, and make it available to the clinician responsible for prescribing medicines.

The NMMP can be used for adult and paediatric patients.

Some states and territories and health services have modified the NMMP to align with local needs and practices.

The NMMP resources have been developed with the support of the Health Services Medication Expert Advisory Group and incorporate a number of elements originally devised by WA Health.

NMMP resources

National Medication Management Plan 2021
Guide, user guide or guidelines