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Medication safety and quality education and training

NPS MedicineWise and the Commission, through the NPS MedicineWise Online Learning Site, provide a range of health professional education and training resources on medication safety and quality for healthcare professionals and students.

NPS MedicineWise online learning site

The NPS MedicineWise online learning site includes training on national standard medication charts. The resources are designed to improve the use of medicines and to improve patient safety and the quality of care.

On completion of all our courses learners can print a Certificate of Completion that can be used as evidence of achievement of Continuing Professional Development points or alignment with compliance standards as required by employers.

NPS MedicineWise learning resource topics

These include:

  • Case studies
  • Medication safety training
  • National Prescribing Curriculum, including guidance on prescribing antimicrobials and antithrombotics.
  • National standard medication chart online training
  • Quality use of medicines for health professional students
  • Quality use of medicines: why, what, how and who?
  • The MedicineWise practitioner.
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