National residential medication chart

The national residential medication chart (NRMC) was developed for use in residential aged care facilities (RACF). It works to improve medication safety for residents, and to minimise the administrative burden of prescribers, aged care staff, and pharmacists when ordering, administering and supplying medicines.

    Benefits of using the NRMC

    • Fewer prescriptions to write
    • A central point for information
    • Duration/length (charting cycle) of the NRMC and supply of medicines is a maximum of 4 months.

    Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the NRMC, NRMC benefits and implementation.

    NRMC files for printing

    NRMC User Guides

    The Commission has developed separate NRMC User Guides for prescribers, nursing staff and pharmacists.

    NRMC reports and evaluations

    Publication, report or update
    Publication, report or update
    Publication, report or update

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    If you have a question about … … please:
    … introducing the NRMC in your residential aged care service liaise with your group’s clinical governance team, and/or aged care peak bodies.
    ... the role of the NRMC in meeting accreditation standards contact the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency on 1800 288 025.
    ... updating your pharmacy software to be able to dispense and claim PBS medicines from the NRMC contact your pharmacy dispensing software vendor.
    … putting in PBS claims after supplying medicines from the NRMC contact the PBS Information Line 132 290.
    … how to prescribe medicines on the NRMC read the prescribers’ guide to the NRMC, located in the ‘Useful Resources’ section of this web page