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Label specifications for specialist clinical areas

Labelling resources are available for medicines and fluids in: closed-and open-practice perioperative areas; interventional cardiac catheter and radiology laboratories and in dedicated continuous infusions in all areas, including intensive care units.

Perioperative areas: Labelling resources

The Perioperative labelling poster describes user-applied labelling of medicines and fluids in closed-and open-practice perioperative areas.

Specifications for injectable medicine and fluid labels used on perioperative sterile fields were developed through the following evaluations of pre-printed labels.

The Commission and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists published a joint statement supporting user-applied labelling standardisation of injectable medicines.

Interventional cardiology and radiology: Syringe labelling resources

User-applied labelling of injectable medicines and fluids in interventional medicine was developed by evaluating standardised medicine syringe labels in interventional cardiac catheter and radiology laboratories. The Labelling Standard specifies labels for use on sterile fields in these procedure rooms based on this evaluation.

Dedicated continuous infusions: Medicine line labelling resources

Pre-printed medicine line labels were evaluated in four intensive care units and reported in Evaluation of standardised medicine line labels for medicine in dedicated continuous infusions.

The Labelling Standard specifies pre-printed medicine line labels for medicines administered by dedicated continuous infusion in all areas, including intensive care. Examples are available in the Pre-printed medicine line label guide.

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