The following resources can help healthcare services implement the Labelling Standard.

Labelling Standard Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 1MB) (Word 639KB)

Labelling Standard A3 Label Guide: A full guide to all current labels in high resolution print quality format (PDF 1MB)

Labelling Standard – Powerpoint presentation (PPT 2MB)

Audit tool user guide (PDF 1MB)

Labelling Standard Audit Collection Tool (XLSX 76KB)

Label Standard Audit Entry Tool (XLSX 74KB)


Education posters

These A4 education posters can be tailored to local requirements. The posters group labels according to intended route of administration, and are available in PDF and Word formats. They may be altered to reflect the mix of labels needed in specific clinical areas.

Intravenous containers ({bags and syringes}, including 0.9% sodium chloride flush) (PDF 247KB(Word 2.17MB)

Intravenous lines (including intravenous, central venous and medicine) (PDF 566KB) (Word 2MB)

Intravenous burettes (PDF 183KB) (Word 427KB)

Epidural (PDF 381KB) (Word 611KB)

Intrathecal (PDF 369KB) (Word 611KB)

Regional (PDF 374KB) (Word 1007KB)

Subcutaneous (PDF 365KB) (Word 1MB)

Miscellaneous (PDF 392KB) (Word 1004KB)

Abbreviated container (PDF 324KB) (Word 253KB)

Intra-arterial (line) (PDF 315KB) (Word 609KB)