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Spotlight on Sepsis - Video Series

The "Spotlight on Sepsis" video series aims to promote sepsis awareness among clinicians and the general community. The series was created as part of the National Sepsis Awareness Campaign.

Use and share these videos to help build awareness about sepsis.

The series includes three short videos providing key information about:

  • Sepsis signs and symptoms
  • Potential health problems after sepsis
  • Simple ways to reduce the risk of sepsis
  • Timely recognition and management of sepsis across healthcare settings.

The George Institute for Global Health and the Australian Sepsis Network have partnered with the Commission to develop the series.

Consumer video

This video provides information about sepsis, its signs and symptoms and potential health problems after sepsis. By raising awareness among the general public, health consumers can be empowered to speak up to clinicians about sepsis.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples video

This video provides key information about sepsis, its signs and symptoms and simple ways to reduce the risk of either yourself or a family member falling ill with sepsis.

Clinician video

This video aims to increase clinician awareness of sepsis across all health settings by providing key information about sepsis signs and symptoms, timely recognition and management.

Share these resources

Please watch and share to shine a Spotlight on Sepsis.

If you would like to screen the video at your healthcare practice or clinic, contact the National Sepsis Program at

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