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Implementing the Comprehensive Care Standard - Review and improve comprehensive care delivery

Reviewing the delivery of comprehensive care is important for ensuring patients are receiving care that meets their clinical and personal needs; that risks are efficiently and effectively identified and mitigated; that the agreed comprehensive care plan is achieving what it aimed to do; and that patients' goals and expectations are being met.

The way that comprehensive care is delivered should be reviewed at the end of the care period, but it also may need to be reviewed during the episode of care if there are changes in the patient's condition, expectations, needs, diagnoses or prognosis, or if the care plan is ineffective. 

Baseline measurement and ongoing monitoring of existing systems is also necessary to track changes over time and ensure that systems are operating effectively. Understanding what aspect of care is being evaluated will inform the measurement strategy and process for evaluation.

This paper provides practical advice for clinicians and health service organisations about reviewing and improving comprehensive care, as required for the Comprehensive Care Standard.

The paper also provides further information about Element 6 of the essential elements of comprehensive care. It is part of a series of resources supporting implementation of comprehensive care that are based on six essential elements.


Implementing the Comprehensive Care Standard - Review and improve comprehensive care delivery

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