Information for clinicians - Components of the comprehensive care plan

A comprehensive care plan is a document describing agreed goals of care, and outlining planned medical, nursing and allied health activities for a patient.



Information for clinicians - Components of the comprehensive care plan

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This resource summarises the nine key components of a comprehensive care plan.

Comprehensive care plans reflect shared decisions made with patients, carers and families about the tests, interventions, treatments and other activities needed to achieve the goals of care. The content of comprehensive care plans will depend on the setting and the service that is being provided, and may be titled differently in various health service organisations.

There is a large range of information that could be included in a comprehensive care plan. Determining what should be included in a comprehensive care plan can be complex, as the plan needs to have sufficient information to inform care delivery and decision-making, be relevant and tailored to the patient’s circumstances, yet not so cumbersome that it deters use.

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