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Osteoarthritis of the Knee - Case for Improvement

This document supports the implementation of the Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Care Standard by highlighting what is known about the evidence, best practice and current practice, and the opportunities to bring these closer together.

While some international and local guidelines relate to the management of knee osteoarthritis, not all patients in Australia are treated consistently, suggesting that there is a gap between knowledge and practice.

This document outlines the following for each quality statement:

  1. Why is the quality statement important?
  2. What is known about current practice?
  3. What could be achieved with more consistent application of the aspects of care described?

When possible, examples are provided showing how specific approaches or systems for implementing best practice have demonstrated measurable change.

This document will be of interest to a wide audience, including clinicians and health service organisations, policy makers, health system managers, researchers, the general public, people with knee osteoarthritis, and all those with an interest in the implementation of the Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Care Standard.


Osteoarthritis of the Knee - Case for Improvement

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