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Cosmetic Surgery Campaign

This communications kit supports the release of the new national Cosmetic Surgery Standards on 14 December 2023.

Show your support for the Cosmetic Surgery Standards by downloading and sharing the content on your website, social networks or within your service.

You are encouraged to use these resources to raise awareness about the new standards and best practice care for cosmetic surgical procedures.

The Commission developed the new Cosmetic Surgery Standards in partnership with consumers, clinicians, services, professional and peak bodies, regulators and other sector representatives.

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Suggested messaging

Below are some suggestions for messages you could copy and paste, to use in your social media, newsletters and other communications.

  • Message 1

    The @ACSQHC has developed Australia’s first #CosmeticSurgeryStandards

    These standards are a critical turning point to address patient safety concerns in the #cosmeticsurgery sector.

  • Message 2

    In 2023 Australians spent $473 million on cosmetic surgical procedures, which involve cutting beneath the skin.

    The new #CosmeticSurgeryStandards from @ACSQHC will help ensure services that perform #cosmeticsurgery provide safe, high-quality care.

  • Message 3

    Thank you for supporting the @ACSQHC #CosmeticSurgeryStandards.

    The standards are part of urgent reforms to reduce the risk of patient harm.

    Together let’s create safer care for Australians who choose to have #cosmeticsurgery.

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