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Medication charts

Medication charts help to standardise medication management and can increase medication safety. 

The charts are based on the best evidence available at the time of development. Healthcare professionals are advised to use clinical discretion and consider the circumstances for individual patients when using the charts for patient medication management in acute care settings.

National Standard Medication Charts (NSMC)

A major initiative to improve the safe use of medicines is the national standardisation of medicines management documentation in hospitals through medication charts. The charts support the delivery of appropriate care for hospitalised patients to help communicate information consistently between clinicians on the intended use of medicines for an individual patient.

There are two main types of nationally standardised medication charts for use in Australian hospitals. These are:

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NIMC Day Surgery

Two standard charts are available for Day Surgery services:

Other standard (ancillary) medication charts

National Residential Medication Chart (NRMC)

The NRMC is a nationally standardised chart for use in residential care facilities and multi-purpose services with a RACS ID. 

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