The following guides have been developed for NIMC users.

NIMC User Guide

NIMC (clozapine titration) User Guide

NIMC (clozapine titration) PowerPoint presentation

NIMC (GP e-version) User Guide

NIMC VTE prophylaxis section

Paediatric NIMC

Hospitals are strongly recommended to evaluate their paediatric NIMC use. Suitable indicators include the Quality Use of Medicines Indicators in Australian Hospitals, which has been developed by the NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group and Clinical Excellence Commission.

The Children’s Hospitals Australasia’s Medication Safety Expert Reference Group recommends using the following documents as a minimum, to form part of a more comprehensive evaluation of the paediatric NIMC nationally.

In 2009, the Commission held a seminar on safe implementation of the paediatric NIMC in hospitals. The report is available to download.

Paediatric NIMC Seminar 07 May 2009 Report (PDF 50KB)

Seminar presentations

Paediatric National Inpatient Medication Chart Report 2009 (PDF 170KB)

Implementing the paediatric NIMC within a general hospital (PDF 108KB)

Implementing the Paediatric NIMC at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne: Sharing the lessons (PDF 88KB)

Sydney Children’s Hospital: Experience and national resources for implementation (PDF 755KB)

National evaluation of the paediatric NIMC (PDF 2.4MB)

Medication safety strategies for children (PDF 1MB)

Responding to safety alerts in the paediatric environment (PDF 755KB)

Using Medication Safety Self Assessment and Indicators for Quality Use of Medicines in paediatric settings (PDF 824 KB)


PBS HMC: Implementation guide

PBS HMC: User guide

PBS HMC: Fact sheet for pharmacists

PBS HMC: Fact sheet for prescribers

National residential medication chart (NRMC)

The Commission has developed separate NRMC guidance material for prescribers, aged care service staff and pharmacists.


NRMC guidelines for pharmacists

NRMC guidelines for pharmacists: appendices

NRMC guidelines for prescribers

NRMC guidelines for prescribers: appendices

NRMC guidelines for nursing / RACF staff

NRMC guidelines for nursing / RACF staff: appendices

NRMC interactive PPT: Education for nursing and care staff

NRMC Medication Skills Assessment

Chart Sticker Templates

NRMC sticker instructions