Consultations – Clinical Care Standards

There are no public consultations open at this time.

What are clinical care standards?

Clinical care standards play an important role in guiding the delivery of appropriate care. They contain a small number of statements describing the care that a patient should be offered for a specific clinical condition, regardless of where they are treated in Australia.

To help health care providers and local health services monitor how well they implement the care described in the clinical care standard, a set of indicators are included. The final set of indicators will be accompanied by specifications to support consistent data collection.

There are currently no standards out for consultation. 

Outcome of consultations

Following public consultation, the Commission reviews all comments and uses this analysis to finalise the draft clinical care standards.

A consultation report summarising the findings of this survey may potentially be published on the Commission’s website. The details of responding organisations and responses verbatim would be published in this report; however, no individual personal information will be reported. Please refer to the Commission’s privacy policy.

Further information

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