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Our People

The Commission employs a diverse range of highly skilled professionals with experience across the healthcare industry. Because of the nature of its work, the Commission has a strong national presence in safety and quality in both the public and private sectors.

Board Members

The Commission's Board governs the organisation and is responsible for the proper and efficient performance of its functions.

Chief Executive Officer

Conjoint Professor Anne Duggan - Chief Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Conjoint Associate Professor Carolyn Hullick - Chief Medical Officer

Chief Nursing Officer

Adjunct Professor Anna Thornton - Chief Nursing Officer

Clinical Directors and Medical Advisors

The Commission's Clinical Directors and Medical Advisors provide expert clinical advice to the wide range of programs managed by the Commission.


The Commission's Board is assisted in its work by a number of Committees that meet regularly to advise on aspects of its role and on the work of the Commission.

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