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Executive Team

Adjunct Professor Debora Picone AO – Chief Executive Officer

Michael Wallace – Chief Operating Officer

Dr Robert Herkes – Chief Medical Officer

Dr Nicola Dunbar – Stream Director, Strategy and Development

Adjunct Professor Kathy Meleady – Stream Director, AURA, IPC/HAI and Emerging Issues

Dr Suellen Allen – Director, Clinical Communications, Mental Health and Cognitive Impairment

Margaret Banks – Director, National Standards

Dr Heather Buchan – Medical Advisor, Healthcare Variation

Ron Cuadra – Director, Communications

Dr Kathryn Daveson – Clinical Director, AURA, IPC/HAI

Dr Anne Duggan – Clinical Director, Healthcare Variation

Gillian Giles – Director, Healthcare Variation

Catherine Katz – Director, Safety and Quality Improvement Systems and Intergovernmental Relations

Christopher Leahy – Director, eHealth and Medication Safety

David Lewis – Business Manager

Naomi Poole – Director, Partnering with Consumers

Kim Stewart – Director, AURA, IPC/HAI

Professor John Turnidge – Clinical Director, AURA, IPC/HAI

Associate Professor Amanda Walker – Clinical Director, Clinical Care Standards