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In 2014 the Commission’s Board agreed to a new strategic plan for the period 2014/15 – 2018/19.

Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019

The overarching vision of the Commission is for safety and quality for every person, everywhere and every time. The Commission aims to use its role as the national body for safety and quality in health care in Australia to ensure that the health system is better informed, supported and organised to deliver safe and high quality care. This can contribute to:

  • better outcomes and experiences for patients and consumers
  • greater value and sustainability
  • safety and quality systems that enable safe clinical practice.

The strategic plan has four priority areas:

  1. Patient safety: the aim of this priority area is to have a safe health system that minimises harm to patients and consumers, and reduces costs associated with preventable adverse events.
  2. Partnering with patients, consumers and communities: the aim of this priority area is to have a health system that maximises the potential for safe and high-quality care by supporting and encouraging patients, consumers and members of the community to participate as equal partners in health care.
  3. Quality, value and cost: the aim of this priority area is to have a health system that provides the right care to patients and consumers, improves health outcomes for patients and optimises the value of the healthcare system by improving productivity.
  4. Supporting health professionals to provide safe and high-quality care: the aim of this priority area is to have a health system that supports safe clinical practice by having robust and sustainable improvement systems.


The Commission conducted an extensive consultation process to inform the strategic plan. The included interviews with key national health organisations, focus groups with health professionals, research with the general public about safety and quality, consultation with consumer representatives and consumer groups and consultation with Commission staff.

Research Report: Consumer Research Regarding Safety and Quality in Health Care (PDF 2MB) (Word 2.63MB)

Strategic Planning: Report of focus groups and interviews with healthcare providers (PDF 407KB) (Word 107KB)