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The Emergency Department Clinicians’ Guide to My Health Record was developed with the assistance of many individuals and agencies.

Developed by:

Logos: Australasian College For Emergency Medicine, Australian Digital Health Agency and Australian Commission on safety and Quality in Health Care

With support from:

Logos: College of Emergency Nursing Australia Ltd, Australian College of Nursing, SHPA

Clinician and peak body representatives:

The following clinicians and peak body representatives contributed to the development of this document:

  • A/Prof Julia Morphet
  • Dr Andrew Hugman
  • Dr Paul Miles
  • Dr Kate Porges
  • Dr Andrew Staib
  • Dr James Edwards
  • Dr Dane Chalkley
  • Dr Christine Slade
  • Dr Sophie Wallace
  • Erin Kelley
  • Tiffany Graham
  • Helen Sinnott
  • Chris Boyd-Skinner
  • Chris Leahy
  • Angela Ryan
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