The National Hand Hygiene Initiative has been set up to develop a national hand hygiene culture-change program that will standardise hand hygiene practice and placement of alcohol-based hand rub in every Australian hospital.

Hand Hygiene has been identified as a high priority for the prevention of healthcare associated infection (HAI) worldwide as hand hygiene is the single most effective intervention for preventing HAI. The Commission awarded a contract to Austin Health Victoria under the leadership of Professor Lindsay Grayson, Director of the Infectious Disease Department, to undertake the Commission’s National Hand Hygiene Initiative.

The purpose of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative is to develop a national approach to hand hygiene.

The National Hand Hygiene Initiative will deliver:

  1. Australian hand hygiene guidelines adapted from the WHO — World Alliance for Patient Safety “Clean Care is Safer Care” Program
  2. A National Hand Hygiene Initiative education strategy based on the Australian hand hygiene guidelines
  3. Establishment of clearly defined outcome measures for accurate auditing applicable across all health care settings
  4. Development of guidelines and audit tool/s based on the outcome measures
  5. Education program to support the hand hygiene audit tools
  6. Development of a mechanism for the electronic collection of outcomes data and information transfer to Hand Hygiene Australia.


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