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Patient-reported outcome measures

Health care can be improved when patients share what is important to them and any issues that may impact on their care and treatment. Patient-Reported Outcome Measures support person-centred and value-based care by providing a way of measuring health outcomes from the patient's perspective. 

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) capture a person’s perception of their own health through questionnaires. They enable patients to report on their quality of life, daily functioning, symptoms, and other aspects of their health and well-being.

Responses to PROMs questions help hospitals and healthcare services provide the care that patients need and want. These measures aim to fill a vital gap in our knowledge about outcomes that matter to patients.

  • About

    What PROMs are, how they are used, and the Commission’s role

  • List of measures

    Find validated PROMs

  • For consumers

    Why you are being asked to complete a PROM and how your information will be used

  • Evidence

    Evidence on the use of PROMs in clinical practice, clinical research, quality improvement, and health system policy development

  • For implementers

    Selecting and implementing PROMs

  • Case studies

    Useful insights from early adopters of PROMs in Australia and overseas


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