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National Hand Hygiene Initiative – NHHI

Hand hygiene is a fundamental part of patient care to prevent the spread of infections and contamination of the healthcare environment.

Contact the NHHI Help Desk for support with the NHHI Learning Management System (LMS) and the Hand Hygiene Compliance Application (HHCApp).


The National Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI) supports prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections. The National Safety and Quality Health Services (NSQHS) Standards require health service organisations to have a hand hygiene program consistent with the NHHI and jurisdictional requirements.

The NHHI is a multimodal approach to improving hand hygiene that includes:

  • promoting the use of alcohol-based hand rub at the point of care
  • ensuring standardised hand hygiene and infection prevention and control education
  • monitoring hand hygiene compliance and providing feedback as part of a quality improvement approach
  • identifying targeted opportunities for improving hand hygiene compliance.

Implementation of the NHHI is led by states, territories and health service organisations (public and private).


The Commission has developed a range of resources to support healthcare workers and health service organisations to implement the NHHI, including:

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