Resources for the NSQHS Standards

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) has developed resources to assist health service organisations align their patient safety and quality improvement programs using the framework of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

NSQHS Standards (second edition)

The second edition of the NSQHS Standarsd was endorsed by Health Ministers in June 2017 and released in November 2017. This document contains the NSQHS Standards, criteria and actions. The Commission has not printed hard copies of this booklet. Files for commercial printing are available upon request.

Mapping of the first and second editions

This document maps the actions from the first edition of the NSQHS Standards to the second edition. Some actions from the first edition map to more than one action in the second edition; and some second edition actions have new components and actions from the first edition. There are 50 new actions in the second edition.

NSQHS Standards (second edition) advisories

An NSQHS Standards advisory is a formal communication from the Commission to accrediting agencies to provide guidance and direction on the interpretation and/or assessment of the NSQHS Standards. The NSQHS Standards advisories are routinely reviewed to ensure they remain current. Any changes to any advisory are summarised in the notes section of the advisory’s cover sheet.

Rescinded advisory for the NSQHS Standards (second edition)

  • AS18/03Assessments from October 2018 to the second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

Fact sheet for each NSQHS Standard (second edition)

Fact sheets have been developed to provide organisations with a general summary of specific issues in the NSQHS Standards.

User guides for the NSQHS Standards (second edition)

The user guides are designed to support health service organisations improve the safety and quality of care they provide by using the NSQHS Standards as a framework for improvement. The Commission has not printed hard copies of these user guides . Files for commercial printing are available upon request.

Workbooks, risk matrices and monitoring tools

Accreditation workbook

This workbook contains examples of evidence and reflective questions for each of the actions in the NSQHS Standards to help health service organisations prepare for an assessment.

Risk matrices

These matrices are designed to provide health service organisations with a framework to assess and address risks in their organisation.

Monitoring tools

These monitoring tools allow health service organisations to assess current status of implementation of the NSQHS Standards and then track their progress towards full implementation. These tools should be used together with the relevant NSQHS Standards guide and the accreditation workbook

Video tutorials for the monitoring tools

Two video tutorials are available to assist health service organisations with using the monitoring tool:

Episode 1 covers the features and functionalities of the tool (approx. 16 minutes)
Episode 2 provides tips on how health service organisations can use the information in the monitoring tool (approx. 14 minutes)

The National Model Clinical Governance Framework and fact sheets

This guide was designed to provide a consistent national framework for clinical governance that is based on the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. The Commission has not printed hard copies of this booklet. Files for commercial printing are available upon request.

These two-page fact sheets identify the clinical governance roles and responsibilities of doctors, managers and clinician managers, and nurses and midwives:

Fact sheets about the AHSSQA Scheme

These fact sheets outline the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation (AHSSQA) Scheme processes for health service organisations:

Rescinded fact sheet for the AHSSQA Scheme

  • Fact Sheet 13: Implementing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific actions (superseded by Advisory AS18/04)

AHSSQA Scheme report and literature reviews

The Commission developed six strategies to improve the AHSSQA Scheme’s reliability and to more accurately assess an organisation’s compliance with the NSQHS Standards. The changes are detailed in this document.

As part of identifying strategy to improvethe veracity of health service organisation assessments, the Commission contracted four literature, including:

Fact sheets for consumers

These fact sheets are designed to provide consumers with an overview of the NSQHS Standards, accreditation and the Partnering with Consumers Standard.

NSQHS Standards logo and icons

Health service organisations may brand locally developed resources with the NSQHS Standards logo and icons. The images are available upon request.

NSQHS Standards (first edition) resources for private dental practices

From January 2019, the Commission has agreed to the continued application of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (first edition) for private dental practices only until such time as national primary care health service standards are available.

All health service organisations, such as but not limited to hospitals, day procedure services, and public dental services across Australia, are assessed to the NSQHS Standards (second edition) and follow the updated Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme.

NSQHS Standards (first edition) fact sheets

Safety and quality improvement guides for private dental practices

Guides for private dental practices

Monitoring tool for private dental practices

NSQHS Standards (first edition) advisories

Superseded advisories 

  • Advisory A13/01: Notification of significant risk (superseded by Advisory AS18/09)
  • Advisory A15/01: Transitioning between accrediting agencies (superseded by Advisory AS18/05)
  • Advisory A16/01: Accreditation assessment requirements of health service organisations post significant clinical or governance review (superseded by Advisory AS18/06)
  • Advisory A16/03: Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organisations (superseded by Advisory AS18/07)
  • Advisory A17/01: Antimicrobial stewardship (superseded by Advisory AS18/08)

Rescinded advisories

  • Advisory A12/01: Hand hygiene programs
  • Advisory A13/02: Interim accreditation of new health services
  • Advisory A13/04: Collection and reporting of accreditation evidence by accrediting agencies
  • Advisory A13/05: Assessment of training requirements for credentialed medical and other clinical practitioners and visiting medical officers
  • Advisory A13/07: Advice provided to accrediting agencies on not applicable actions
  • Advisory A13/08: Transition arrangements from 2014
  • Advisory A14/01: Assessment of developmental actions in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards
  • Advisory A14/02: Pre-admission requirements and responding to patient deterioration in small health facilities
  • Advisory A15/02: Advance care directive assessment requirements in low risk environments
  • Advisory A16/02: Application of the requirements for general observation charts
  • Advisory A16/04: Medication management plan

Other resources for private dental practices

Live literature searches

The live literature searches can be used to find evidence to support best practice in line with Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.