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The Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set (AHPEQS) has been developed to allow patients to have a say in how health care is delivered. 

Hospitals and healthcare services are able to use AHPEQS to collect your experiences and feedback to help them to improve the care and treatment they offer.

The doctors and nurses were wonderful.  The service was good.  Other people in the ward, I noticed that they were really looked after.  The staff were rushed off their feet.  They did the best they could under very trying circumstances really.  The nurses were doing the little things that matter.

I hope they never lose their enthusiasm and their joy at being there because they made life so much easier for people that don’t like hospital.  None of us like to go into hospital, we like to go home.  So I can't speak too highly of that.  They did various tests and all this.  They let me know what they were testing for and what was happening. 

AHPEQS focus groups participants

  • Why your voice is important

    Find out what AHPEQS and patient experience surveys are all about, why you have received a survey and why you might want to complete it

  • Completing the survey

    Find out what you will be asked, how you can receive and complete the survey, and whether your information will be confidential

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    Find out what happens with your answers and concerns, and how you can be further involved or find out more