Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee has been established by the Board in compliance with section 45 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule (PGPA Rule) section 17: Audit Committees for Commonwealth Entities.

The Committee assists the Board discharge its responsibilities under the National Health Reform Act 2011 and the PGPA Act with respect to financial reporting, performance reporting, the system of risk oversight and management, and the system of internal control.

Inter-Jurisdictional Committee

The Inter-Jurisdictional Committee (IJC) is a meeting of safety and quality officials of the Commonwealth, States and Territories supported by the Commission, but created by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council in 2006. It is responsible for providing advice on the process of policy development and facilitating jurisdictional engagement in the work of the Commission. The IJC will consider and provide advice to the Commission on the following:

  • The Commission’s programs, standards, guidelines and indicators and the implementation of these;
  • The maintenance of effective working relationships with key stakeholders to facilitate the work of the Commission;
  • Safety and quality issues regarding the Australian health care system; and
  • The process for collecting and reporting on national data on safety and quality issues.

In addition, the IJC will:

  • Advise the Commission on the adequacy of the policy development process and implementation of policies;
  • Inform health departments and ministries of new policy directions and assist in driving implementation; and
  • Support the implementation of the National Safety and Quality Goals.

Membership of the IJC:

  • Ms Kirstine Sketcher-Baker (Chair), Queensland Health
  • Dr Jodi Glading (Deputy Chair), Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
  • Ms Samantha Farrugia, Department of Health, South Australia
  • Ms Fiona Wake, Department of Health, Northern Territory
  • Dr Dinesh Arya, Department of Health, ACT
  • Dr Audrey Koay, Department of Health, Western Australia
  • Professor Mike Roberts, Safer Care, Victoria
  • Adjunct Professor Michael Nicholl, Clinical Excellence Commission
  • Ms Allyson Essex, Australian Government Department of Health
  • Mr Chris Leahy (Ex Officio), the Commission.

Primary Care Committee

The Primary Care Committee (PCC) is responsible for facilitating the engagement and uptake of Commission programs in the primary health care sector. The role of the PCC includes:

  • Assisting in tailoring of the Commission’s programs to enable their uptake in the primary health care sector
  • Informing the Commission of key safety and quality issues affecting the primary health care sector’s performance
  • Providing strategic input and feedback on the Commission’s work including advising on policy development and facilitating primary health sector engagement
  • Providing leadership to the Commission to implement effective communication mechanisms between health system sectors.

Membership of the PCC:

  • Dr Helena Williams (Chair)
  • Dr Antonio Di Dio, Australian Medical Association
  • Dr Felicity Donaghy, Primary Health Network
  • Mr Mike Bosel, Primary Health Network
  • Ms Kerryn Hart, Allied Health Professions Australia
  • Ms Bronwyn Morris-Donovan, Allied Health Professions Australia
  • Dr Louise Acland, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Dr Mike Beckoff, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  • Ms Lisa Turner, Community Nurse
  • Ms Diane Walsh, Consumers Health Forum of Australia
  • Ms Kelly Fisher, the Australian Government Department of Health
  • Mr Kent Burgess, Community Health/Community Care
  • Dr R. Mark Hutton, Australian Dental Association
  • Ms Katie Pennington, Remote Nursing Workforce
  • Mr David Waters, Council of Ambulance Authorities.

Private Hospital Sector Committee

The Private Hospital Sector Committee (PHSC) is responsible for advising the Commission on key safety and quality initiatives from the perspective of the private hospital sector. The role of the PHSC includes:

  • Liaison with the Commission on key safety and quality issues affecting the private hospitals sector
  • Providing input and feedback on the Commission’s work including advising on policy development and facilitating private hospital sector engagement
  • Working in partnership with the Commission to pursue an agreed safety and quality agenda, including providing feedback on the uptake of safety and quality initiatives
  • Assisting the Commission to implement effective communication mechanisms between sectors of the health system.

Membership of the PHSC:

  • Ms Christine Gee (Chair), Toowong Private Hospital
  • Ms Anne Crouch, Cura Day Hospitals Group
  • Mr Rohan Mead, Australian Unity Health Ltd
  • Dr Bernadette Eather, Ramsay Health Care Ltd
  • Mr Michael Roff, Australian Private Hospitals Association
  • Professor Erwin Loh, St Vincent's Health Australia
  • Ms Kris Salisbury, Calvary Hospital
  • Dr Rachel David, Private Healthcare Australia
  • Mr Stephen Walker, St Andrew's Hospital
  • Mr Rodney Fox, The Vision Group
  • Mrs Deanne Day, Buderim Gastroenterology Centre
  • Dr Melissa Naidoo.