Australian Public Service Employee Census

Each year, the Commission’s staff participate in the Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census - an opinion survey conducted between May and June and invites all APS employees across Australia to participate.

The APS Employee Census collects information on important workforce issues such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS. It also provides information about these issues for individual agencies.

The results reflect the perceptions of staff at the time of the census, and are used by the Australian Public Service Commission and our organisation to inform strategies, policies, and evaluate initiatives that were developed in response to the results of census' from previous years.

In 2019, for the first time, the Australian Public Service Commission has endorsed Australian Government agencies; making their APS employee census reports publicly available through their websites.

2019 Census Highlights Report

The Commission maintains a commitment to building a positive working environment where people are treated with courtesy and respect, and this is reflected in the 2019 census results.

The response rate to the census improved in 2019 to 74 per cent participation by Commission staff. This is a great result and means that we have a better representative sample of staff views.

This year's census results show:

  • strengths in staff commitment to and belief in the purpose of the Commission,
  • a high regard for supervisors and performance of work groups, and
  • excellent opportunities available to staff to attend learning and development programs. 

As in previous years, the Commission has established an internal working group to assist with analysing the census results and identify areas for improvement and action. Opportunities have been identified in the areas of internal communication, job satisfaction and career progression, supporting managers to address under-performance, innovation and risk.

Publication, report or update

Extra small specialist agency

The APS is made up of more than 100 agencies of varying sizes and functions. The Commission falls within the group known as extra small agencies (20 – 100 employees) and sits within the functional cluster known as Specialist Agencies which provide specialist support to government.

Australian Public Service Commission

Further information about the census, including an explanatory guide and information about interpreting, benchmarking and comparing the results of the census, is available on the Australian Public Service Commission's website.