National Hand Hygiene Initiative – contact details


The National Hand Hygiene Initiative (NHHI) operates a Help Desk to support users of the NHHI Learning Management System (LMS) and the Hand Hygiene Compliance Application (HHCApp).

The Help Desk team endeavours to respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible. You will receive a response within 5 business days.

During this time, please use the Contact Us form at the link below to submit your enquiry to the Help Desk. 

Before contacting the NHHI Help Desk

There is a range of resources available to assist you in relation to:

Before contacting the NHHI Help Desk, please take the following steps to resolve your enquiry:

  1. Review the general NHHI FAQs
  2. For enquiries related to the NHHI LMS and access to the online learning modules, please review the LMS instruction documents for learners, organisation administrators and region administrators, as appropriate
  3. For enquiries related to the NHHI HHCApp, please review the HHCApp instructions and FAQs
  4. Contact your Organisation or Region Administrator (hand hygiene lead) within your health facility, local health district/network or corporate group

Contact the Jurisdictional Coordinator for your state/territory if your organisation is based in the public sector.

Jurisdictional contact details

If you are from a public hospital and health service in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria or Western Australia, please refer to the relevant contact details below:

New South Wales  
Northern Territory
South Australia Hand hygiene in the healthcare environment - SA Health
Western Australia

If you are working in another state or territory or are from a private hospital, day procedure centre or clinic, educational/training facility or another sector such as defence or aged care, please contact the NHHI Help Desk (see information below).

NHHI Help Desk contact form

If your query has not been answered by any of the above and you require further assistance, please submit a completed contact form at any time to email the NHHI Help Desk.

NOTE: When you submit this form you will receive an auto-response email to let you know we have received your enquiry. Please ensure to check your junk or spam for this email and for any further NHHI Help Desk responses to your enquiry. Your enquiry will be attended to within 5 business days. Please do not create multiple enquiries within this timeframe.

Please enter your HHCApp or Online Learning Module user name relevant to this enquiry (if you have one) into the field above.


NHHI Help Desk Telephone

In addition to the email support service, the Commission also operates the NHHI Help Desk phone line at 02 9126 3511 which operates between 10am- 2pm (AEDT) on business days.

To avoid duplication of your enquiry, please do not call multiple times or send a second email if it is still within 5 business days of your initial enquiry. 

During peak busy periods, you may experience difficulty accessing support by phone. If you are unable to leave a voice message, please access support via email. To ensure your enquiry is dealt with promptly and effectively, please include: full name, organisation name, contact email address and a brief outline of your enquiry. Please also be sure to state if it relates to the online learning modules within the Learning Management System (LMS), or the Hand Hygiene Compliance Application (HHCApp).


Your privacy is important to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission). The Commission only collects and uses information about you (name, employer, training/education provider, email address) to implement the National Hand Hygiene Initiative. Your information may be accessed by authorised officers of the Commission to assist you with resolving any issues you raise with the National Hand Hygiene Initiative Help Desk. Authorised Organisation and Region Administrators from your registered organisation or training/education provider may also access your information and training records. Your state/territory Jurisdictional Coordinator (public health service organisations only) may also access your information for local Hand Hygiene program implementation purposes and to support you in using the NHHI systems.