COVID-19 related updates and FAQs for the NGPA Scheme

Information for general practices and accrediting agencies regarding accreditation assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is being done to ensure on-site assessments are conducted safely?

Before entering a general practice, assessors must have:

  • Completed infection prevention and control training set by the Commission
  • Passed a screening checklist to ensure they have no signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection.

Assessors are also required to comply with any screening requirements put in place by the general practices they are visiting.

How do I know when my next assessment should be?

In 2020, accredited general practices had 12 months added to their current accreditation expiry date. This means whatever month and year your current accreditation was due to expire, it now expires in that month, one year later.

If this applies to your general practice, your accrediting agency will have advised you of your revised accreditation expiry date. Only in exceptional circumstances will an additional extension of your accreditation expiry date be granted.

Will my general practice receive a new certificate with the revised expiry date?

Accredited general practices who had an additional 12 months added to their current accreditation expiration date in 2020 have not been reissued amended certificates by accrediting agencies. However, general practices seeking formal notification can request a statement of revised accreditation details from their accrediting agency.