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Pressure injuries

Immobility, such as that associated with extended bed rest in hospital, can cause pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are a major contributor to the care needs of patients within the health industry, and in the majority of cases, pressure injuries are preventable

Prevention and management of pressures injuries forms part of the Comprehensive Care Standard.

Pressure injury is recognised on the national list of Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs). The national list of 16 HACs was developed through a comprehensive process that included reviews of the literature, clinical engagement and testing of the concept with public and private hospitals.

Pressure injury is one of the HACs:



Pressure injury
  • Stage III ulcer
  • Stage IV ulcer
  • Unspecified decubitus ulcer and pressure area

The NSQHS Standards (first edition) included a Standard specifically related to preventing and managing pressure injury.

Resources include:

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