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Health conditions and treatments

The Commission's work encompasses numerous health conditions and treatments, across a number of program areas.

If you have a particular health condition or treatment in mind, you might try using the global search (located right hand corner above), or searching our resource library.

Alternatively, the work areas highlighted below encompass a number of health conditions and treatments.

Further information

  • Health conditions list

    A list of specific health conditions with their associated resources is available here.

  • Decision support tools

    These decision support tools on antibiotic use and osteoarthritis of the knee, are intended for consumers in consultation with their healthcare provider.

  • Transvaginal mesh

    The Commission has developed resources for consumers, clinicians and health services on the use of transvaginal mesh products for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and mesh removal.

  • Clinical Care Standards

    These standards identify and define the care people should expect to be offered or receive for a number of common treatments and conditions including colonoscopy, heavy menstrual bleeding, hip fracture and more.

  • CT Scans for kids

    A range of resources to support a reduction in unwarranted radiation exposure to children and young people from CT scans.

  • Cognitive impairment

    People with cognitive impairment in hospital are at increased risk of harm, preventable complications and poor outcomes. For some people admitted to hospital, delirium can be prevented with the right care.

  • Mental health

    The Commission has an ongoing commitment to supporting safety and quality in the delivery of health care for people with mental health issues.

  • Australian Atlas of Healthcare Variation

    The Atlas series includes investigations on a number of health conditions and treatments including cardiovascular health, maternity and surgical interventions, neonatal and paediatric health, thyroid and gastrointestinal treatments and more.

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