Clinical Care Standards

A Clinical Care Standard is a small number of quality statements that describe the care patients should be offered by health professionals and health services for a specific clinical condition or defined clinical pathway in line with current best evidence.

Clinical Care Standards can play an important role in delivering appropriate care and reducing unwarranted variation, as they identify and define the care people should expect to be offered or receive, regardless of where they are treated in Australia.

Coming consultations

  • Third and fourth degree perineal tears

    Severe perineal trauma, if not recognised and repaired at the time, can have serious long-term consequences for women. The Commission is working on ways of reducing harm to women from perineal tears.

  • Peripheral Venous Access

    The insertion of a PIVC is one of the most common clinical procedures performed. Data from Australia and internationally suggest that a significant proportion of patients do not receive care as recommended to optimise use of PIVCs.

Closed consultations

  • Cataract Clinical Care Standard

    In collaboration with consumers, clinicians, researchers and health organisations, the Commission has developed a draft Cataract Clinical Care Standard. Consultations on this draft Standard closed in April 2019.